X-Touch Tablet–Android Based Controller for Pacific Sun LED Lamps

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Pacific Sun now offers an Android based 7” touch panel tablet for control of Metis Hyperion R2 and Pandora Hyperion R2 Lamps.

“X Touch” Application is pre-installed on this tablet for simple, out of the box control of you Hyperion Lamp.

Below you can find instructions for powering up, pairing Bluetooth, and connecting to your lamp.


Pacific Sun Lamps use SPP based Bluetooth connection for communicating with and programming all lamps. The X Touch tablet comes with this external Bluetooth Dongle for a strong connection.


To start, insert USB Bluetooth Dongle into lower USB port on right side of controller BEFORE powering on device.


Power up controller by pressing POWER button on top of controller just left of the volume control.


Device will power ON and Android system will begin loading.


Once loaded, the main screen will need to be “unlocked” simply by sliding the lock symbol across to the right.


The main screen displays current information (just like a cell phone) such as date, time etc.

Please notice across the top the wireless and BLUETOOTH symbols to the left of the battery life icon.

If Bluetooth is “turned on”, symbol will be displayed as in the image below. If not, please power down device and re-boot.


Please be sure Hyperion R2 lamp is powered ON at this point and has correct firmware installed: version Hyperion_r2_v3_1d.bin can be found here –

In Bluetooth settings, please select “Scan for devices” and select the “Metis Hyperion R2” from the list of available Bluetooth devices. Pairing code 1234 will be required for tablet to pair with Hyperion lamp.


After tablet and lamp have been successfully paired, please open the X touch application on the main screen.

To return to the main screen, please press the HOME button found on the right side of the controller.


Once X touch application has opened, you must CONNECT to the lamp. Tap the dotted square icon on the right side of the screen. It is directly above the HOME button (center right).



Bottom of screen will display Connect and Disconnect options. Tap “Connect” and choose lamp from menu options.


Your lamp is now ready to configure. To start, set the current time and date and the desired sunrise and sunset times.

Adjust Sunrise/Sunset Duration and Lamp power to your preference.

If system is not responding, connection is lost or error message is displayed, please quit application and power off device. Restart device, open X touch application and continue.

You will NOT need to Pair with lamp in Bluetooth settings again unless you have removed lamp from the tablet.

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