Why professionally sourced livestock is the best option for home aquariums

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These days, the home aquarist has unprecedented access to everything aquarium-related from lights and salt to fish and corals. While it’s easy to find good deals online, there is a huge difference between purchasing a protein skimmer and ordering a new seahorse through the mail. Due to the delicate nature of many species, as well as the sight-unseen, buyer-beware nature of online shopping, proper care and acclimation of new arrivals is crucial in maintaining the life and health of your tank and its new residents. For customers of Imagine an Ocean, the benefits of professionally-sourced livestock are multiple as we receive, quarantine, acclimate, and guarantee your livestock and its health.




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When the home aquarist orders a new fish or coral online, the specimen(s) are shipped here to the east coast via air freight and are then sorted and delivered along with other packages. Your fish are bagged for long periods of  time, transferred several times, and handled by normal parcel delivery workers like any other shipment. Additionally, someone must be home when the animal arrives since it cannot survive on your porch nor back at the FedEx warehouse. When you order your livestock through Imagine an Ocean we drive directly to the freight terminal at Logan airport and receive your animals within a few hours of them being “packaged.” We then drive them directly to our shop, eliminating several changes of hands and hours of sitting in a box.

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Once at our shop, we slowly and carefully acclimate the fish, inverts, and corals to our water and its levels of temperature, salinity, ands pH. At this time we begin to inspect all specimens for signs of sickness or infection and begin treatment on any animals in need.  We also remove any fish who are dead on arrival. While this is always sad, it is far less common in our shipments than in “front-door deliveries” and we will replace the fish free of charge.  This allows our customers to order fish without worrying about whether they are paying for an animal that will not live a day in their tanks.





Once we have received and carefully acclimated the fish and corals in our shop, we will quarantine and observe them for several weeks to ensure the health of each organism entrusted in our care. We make sure that the specimens you receive are healthy, eat, and are free from infections and diseases that can threaten the health of your entire system. Far too often, many reef enthusiasts order species from giant warehouse distributors and find that the specific animal they receive is pale, injured, sickly, or has some other less-than-ideal qualities. When you order through Imagine an Ocean, we examine every animal for health and liveliness before it is placed in your marine environment. If we maintain your tank, we will also guarantee that your new arrival will survive its transition to its new home in your tank.




We quarantine fish as well as invertebrates and coral.


Once we’ve determined that an animal is healthy and ready to move, we will deliver it to your tank and acclimate it to your system. If yours is a tank we maintain than we can also guarantee that the fish in question will survive. If your new fish gets sick, we will heal or replace it. Any related service calls or maintenance visits to your house are free of charge. We happily provide these services to anyone, but charge money to those who purchase and/or introduce livestock independently.

Purchasing through Imagine an Ocean also provides you with a wealth of experience and expertise regarding different species and their compatibility. That lunar wrasse might look beautiful in your tank but he might antagonize and kill some of your smaller fish. By consulting Yorgos and Imagine an Ocean, you can be sure that the fish you want will be compatible with your tank, will be free of disease that could infect tank-mates, and will be given the best possible chance at a happy and healthy life.



What do this wrasse, cleaner shrimp, and coral have in common as a fish, invert, and coral?


They were all selected, received, quarantined, delivered, acclimated, and guaranteed by Imagine an Ocean. If you have any questions regarding livestock selection and acclimation please don’t hesitate to contact Imagine an Ocean today.