Aquarium Maintenance and Design Testimonials

Yorgos and his team are responsive and open to sharing ideas for the salt water aquarium. We really tried to create a nice, welcoming ‘theatre’ in our reception area for our clientele as they enter our space and Imagine An Ocean has helped us accomplish that. They come and go quietly and are sensitive to our business operations!

– Derek Reed, CFP®, CLU® Partner at Beauport Financial Services, LLC.Read more


I have always wanted to own a reef aquarium but was simply daunted by the entire project. How do I keep it clean? How do I select fish, corals and invertebrates? And most importantly, how do I not kill everything that is in it!? Finally, my dentist in Manchester by the Sea mentioned Yorgos to me. We spoke, set up a consultation and began the plans for my very own reef aquarium. Yorgos began to explain the intricacies of a saltwater aquarium. After careful design and planning, Yorgos and his team installed a 120 gallon reef tank in my home. That was in December of 2010. Since then the entire project turned out to be one of the most fun and rewarding experience I have ever had. My entire family and every person stepping into our home is simply blown away. We have a personalized coral reef in our living room! Most people’s first comment, after being in awe by its sheer beauty is, “Wow this is great but it must take a lot of time”. It does not. Yorgos customized a maintenance plan for my specific setup. As I enjoy learning about the tank and its inhabitants, I decided to be part of the reef upkeep. I am currently spending 2 hours a week working on the aquarium. Yet, if for some reason I do not have the time or travel with the family of for business (as I frequently do) Yorgos and his team will take care of everything from maintenance to feeding the fish. You can be as involved as you want or, your reef tank can be completely monitored and managed by Imagine an Ocean. I would recommend Yorgos and the Imagine an Ocean team to anyone who has ever remotely dreamed of having a reef tank (or any other tank for that matter). It has been a pleasure working with Yorgos and the crew over the past 6 months. Our reef aquarium has been a great addition to our home and is truly enjoyed by all.

Andreas Bauermeister
President, Sea Jet


Imagine an Ocean set up our first salt water tank six years ago. Yorgos found an innovative solution which allowed us to fit a beautiful tank into a small space with twice the number of fish the tank size could support by plumbing a second tank which circulates the water in the basement. Over the years our tank has become home to countless beautiful corrals, fish and other plants and sea creatures. Many of our fish have lived for years due to Yorgos’ continual service and care. Our tank always looks fantastic and we never have to do anything other than feed and enjoy!

We would recommend Imagine an Ocean for any residential or commercial setting desiring a tank of any scale. Yorgos and his team are creative, knowledgable, trustworthy and professional.

– John and Nicole Fiegener, Marblehead


From design, installation, to regular operation Yorgos and the Imagine an Ocean team has been professional and flexible in meeting our needs. As a school serving children with special needs Yorgos has paid attention to our maintenance needs as well as providing beautiful fish for our students to enjoy. Our tank makes a difference in lives of each of our students and makes our lobby say, wow!

– Mark Carlson, President, The Children’s Center for Communication and Beverly School for the Deaf.