Spring Pond Cleaning – Essex, MA

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We are back at the This Old House pond installation site from a few year back. We open and close this pond every year as part of the spring pond cleaning routine and stock it with plant, fish and whatever else the clients want that year.


Spring cleaning involves changing the water, testing, adding supplements, checking the equipment and adding new plants. We normally do this in a few visits over a couple weeks.


Above is the Auto fill valve that lets new water in to replace evaporated water and maintain a consistent water level.


Above, Sean nets out leaves and debris that made it through the netting we applied last fall. We also scrub and algae off the sides and pump out the old water from last year.

Pond cleaning and maintenance is key to keeping the system clean and healthy throughout the year. Routine maintenance ensures that equipment will run smoothly and last for years and that the fish and plants will thrive all season long!

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