Aquarium Services Boston MA

Aquatic System Consultation
Our initial aquatic system consultation is free-of-charge. In this, we will discuss your needs in light of budget, practicality and décor. For new systems, preliminary factors such as size, location and placement will be addressed. Existing systems will be assessed for water quality through analysis, equipment overview, and inspection of livestock condition and compatibility factors.
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It is our goal to understand your ideas and combine them with our expertise of aquatic systems and the latest technology in the industry. We look forward to working with you.

Aquatic Environment Design
Your custom aquatic system design is comprehensive and detailed. There are many factors that we consider in the development of home or office aquatic systems. Whether the aquarium will be mounted in a wall or a free-standing unit, location, size, shape and volume are all important factors. Accessibility and aesthetics are also key aspects in the planning stages. Hardware components such as filtration, circulation, plumbing and lighting equipment both support livestock and create the desired look and feel of your aquarium. Livestock selection involves water quality, compatibility, system capacity and numerous complex biological and chemical interactions that require careful planning and monitoring. All of these components work in harmony to create balanced, natural aquatic systems that become fascinating focal points in your home or place of business.

Aquarium Installation
Expert installation of new systems and/or additional equipment is always provided. An initial inspection of the installation site is performed beforehand to ensure that proper structural, electrical and plumbing support is available. The set-up procedure for many systems is a multi-stage process that may require more than one visit to the job site. Livestock (fish etc.) cannot be added until water quality has been stabilized. Every system installation is unique and will be discussed in advance with a set timeline for completion. Careful planning will ensure a timely installation and a healthy environment long term.

Aquarium Maintenance
Routine maintenance and monitoring are essential for all contained aquatic systems. Whether service is required weekly or just once per month, Imagine an Ocean has maintenance plans to fit any system. Our goal is to manage every element of your aquarium so that it can be enjoyed to the fullest. Maintenance scheduling can be managed on an “as needed” basis or integrated into a contract to cover up to one full year. The following are included with our services:

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Aquarium Holiday/Vacation Care
Most aquatic systems need attention daily. While saltwater reef systems are considered higher maintenance, even less complicated freshwater systems need daily feeding at a minimum. Imagine an Ocean provides professional aquarium care while you are out of town for a weekend or the entire month. This service includes everything necessary to keep your system healthy. We will perform all of our standard aquatic system maintenance, as well as feeding and any other necessary requirements.

Aquarium System Relocation
Relocating an aquarium can be an extremely involved project. As you may have experienced, even professional moving companies do not cover aquatic systems. Nearly every component of an aquatic system is delicate with livestock at the top of the list. Imagine an Ocean can relocate nearly any size system within our service area. Our goals are safety and efficiency. Maintaining stability and water quality in transit ensures minimal stress on livestock and rapid system recovery.

Aquarium Livestock/Equipment Selection and Delivery
Livestock and equipment selection are important topics in the aquarium business. Sources of livestock are numerous and quality and condition vary depending on many factors. Imagine an Ocean has the experience and understanding of the industry to acquire ethically-sourced, healthy specimens for your aquarium. Proper acclimation of new specimens is a crucial step to establishing healthy livestock. Let us get your fish and inverts off to the best possible start. As the aquatic business is ever-changing, there is no shortage of new products available to sustain and maintain aquariums. We have the discernment to select the highest quality, most reliable products for your individual system. Even if we are not building your aquarium from the ground up, we can recommend, deliver and install anything necessary for your system.