Saltwater Aquarium Cleaning: Dirty Jobs Part CMXCIX… and counting!

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Some aquarium filters are just dirtier than others. This one was in need of some serious attention. So, the owners enlisted the saltwater aquarium cleaning services of IAO. We installed much of this equipment years ago actually. Yet, it is not a system that we see regularly. So, when we are called in, there is a TON to do!


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Above: A protein skimmer (right) and bio pellet reactor (left). The top of this skimmer is the waste collection cup.

saltwater aquarium cleaning boston ma

Above: Looks like the collection cup MAY be at capacity, eh?

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Protein skimmers remove dissolved organic waste and solids before they can break down chemically. Unlike many other types of filters, the skimmer separates the waste from the aquarium water and holds it in a separate container. Can you imagine that all that gunk/slime/sludge was in the aquarium? CRAZY!!!

fish tank cleaning boston ma fish tank service boston ma

Above: Image on the left is a dirty sediment filter from a Reverse Osmosis water filter. The brown slime on the filter is what was removed from the TAP WATER. The clear containers on the right hold the elements/media in the water filter.

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Above: A clean, happy skimmer once again. Now it can work efficiently and continue to keep this system healthy.

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Above: New filter sock (far left) installed. Some of the water from the main tank (upstairs) goes through this prefilter before entering the sump and skimmer.

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Above: The RODI filter with all new media. We also flushed the RO membrane and each stage as they were installed.

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Above: Media reactors that hold ferric oxide (phosphate remover) and Carbon (general chemical filter).

reef aquarium cleaning boston, ma

Above: Water storage barrels. Freshwater on the left for the auto top off (replaced evaporated water) and saltwater on the right (for water changes). This system is plumbed to drain old water from the tank and replace it with newly mixed seawater with the push of a button!!!

reef aquarium installation massachusetts

Above: The main tank in the family room upstairs. The entire filter system is in the basement.


We’ll try to get back for another service sooner than later to check up on everything and keep this system running smoothly.


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