Reef Aquarium Service – 100 Gallon Cadlights and Pacific Sun Pandora S

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We shared the story of this reef aquarium conversion a few months back. This week we’re back in Boston, MA to check up on the system and give it a thorough cleaning. Upon arriving, everything looks fantastic!


As you can see, the tank is FULL of healthy, thriving coral and fish. All the coral in this tank have been under Pacific Sun LED lighting for years. Many of them came from the cube aquarium that was here last year. New corals come from many places including Love the Reef in Wilmington, MA.

This reef tank is also completely monitored and controlled using the GHL Profilux. The Profilux controls all the power outlets as well as the dosing pumps, chiller, heater, pumps and even the auto-water change system we installed. That’s right…with the touch of a button, old water is drained out and new mixed saltwater is pumped into the sump.

Take a look at some close-ups of the amazing corals in this system below:

duncan coral pacific sun led lighting

Duncan coral colony in the black sand bed.

sps acropora pacific sun led lighting

SPS Acro colony with great polyp extension along side a great zooanthid colony to the right.

anemone wyoming white clownfish pacific sun LED lighting

Giant anemone with a pair of Wyoming White designer clownfish.

zooanthid colony, mushroom, fairy wrasse, pacific sun led lighting

A fairy wrasse peaking out over a great mushroom colony surrounded by green and blue zooanthids.


Chalice coral cetner with zoos and mushrooms to the left.

candy cane coral pacific sun led lighting

Neon Green Candy Cane coral in front of a small zooanthid colony.

sps acro frag pacific sun led lighting

An SPS Acro frag taking root on this piece of live rock. Soon it will be a full colony.

pacific sun led lighting

Ultra chalice with stunning yellow eyes.

scoly garden pacific sun led lighting

The black sand really makes these Scoly corals pop under the Pacific Sun LEDs.

scoly coral pacific sun led lighting

Another Scoly with beautiful color and stark contrast.

ultra plate coral pacific sun led lighting

Ultra orange plate coral with green tentacles.

ultra scoly pacific sun led lighting

A gorgeous ultra scoly…how many colors do you see?

lobo coral pacific sun led lighting

A nice healthy Lobo coral.

coral pacific sun led lighting

Green chalice with red eyes next to a blue maxima clam.

mushroom coral pacific sun led lighting

Mushroom colony rock.

mushroom coral pacific sun led lighting

We will check up on this reef system next month and see what new additions have found a home here.