Reef Aquarium Doser Installation – Methuen, MA

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We recently installed a Pacific Sun Kore 5th reef aquarium doser for a system you are all familiar with.


The new reef tank in Methuen, MA is doing great. The equipment is running properly and keeping the system healthy and the fish and coral are thriving!


As the demand for available coral-building elements and nutrients in the water increases with the growth and addition of new coral, supplement need to be added to the system frequently to maintain an optimal environment. This can quickly become a time consuming chore.


The Kore 5th dosing system full automates dosing any aquarium with nearly any supplement including Calcium, Buffer, Magnesium, Amino Acids, plankton, foods, vitamins and even medications.


We installed this doser in the basement filter room above the sump. The doser will draw liquid supplements up from containers under the sump stand and drip them into the sump to be pumped up to the main aquarium.


Now that the doser is installed, calibrated and set to dose the first 3 supplements needed in this tank, the owners no longer have to remember to manually dose and the corals will have everything they need to grow and stay healthy.


If you reef tank is in need of automated dosing, give us a call today!