Reef Aquarium Cleanup Crew – Beverly, MA

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We’ve been maintaining this 120 gallon saltwater reef aquarium for the past 4-5 years since we installed it. Overall, its been a great success! Yet over the past few months algae has begun to grow at a rapid rate.

Algae is an issue that nearly all aquarists encounter at some point. There are many reasons that algae begins to grow and many ways to combat it. Remember, algae needs both light and nutrients to be healthy. In a reef tank, we need to find the balance of the right amount of light and nutrients for the corals but limit it to keep the algae growth in check. This can be a delicate balance at times.

We use filtration and best practices such as water changes, proper feeding and routine cleaning to keep nutrient levels in check. Yet if algae does begin to grow, there is another solution…the invertebrate CLEANUP CREW!!!

Cleanup crews are composed of many types of invertebrates that consume algae including snails, crabs, urchins and even sea slugs. Depending on the type of algae present in the aquarium, we can select certain inverts to target that algae.

Below, a cleanup crew is floating in this aquarium to begin acclimating to the water temperature.


After the critters are properly adjusted to the water temperature and chemistry, we’ll release them into the tank and let them go to work. Over the next 1-2 weeks the cleanup crew will eat all the algae in this tank. That doesn’t mean that the routine cleaning will stop. But together we’ll rid this tank of algae for good.


If algae is an issue in your aquarium, give the crew at Imagine an Ocean a call today 978884 0187. We’ll start with a complete water test to understand what the issues are. From there, we can overview your equipment and cleaning routine and make recommendations to get your system healthy and algae free!