Aquarium Maintenance Consultation:
Initial visit is free of charge. On-site consultation to review existing system or initiate new system design and planning.

Quotes / Estimates:
$100 for complete Custom System Design with detailed description of equipment and livestock recommendations.
(System design charge deducted from installation charge).

System/Equipment Aquarium Installation:
$120/hr. (2 person crew $145/hr.) – Any size system/equipment installation or transfer/relocation.

Fish Tank Maintenance:
$95/hr. (2 person crew $125/hr.) – Complete water analysis, water changes/top-off, filter maintenance/media replacement, interior/exterior surface and light fixture cleaning, skimmer maintenance, substrate/décor cleaning, visual inspection of livestock, food/supply inventory.

Read more about our Aquarium Maintenance Services.

Aquarium Holiday/Vacation Care:
$50 for each day or visit needed (includes feeding, water level top-off, weekly testing and dosing/skimmer maintenance as needed)

Aquarium Livestock (Freshwater and Saltwater fish, Corals, marine life and more):
$50 delivery charge for livestock (includes selection, transportation and acclimation)
$30 delivery charge for supplies (food, equipment, medication-includes dosing/instructions)

Note: no charge on livestock or equipment/supplies delivery with maintenance or installation service.

Emergency Calls:
$95/hr. – before 5:30pm (min. 1hr)
$125/hr. – after 5:30pm (min. 1hr)