New 70 Gallon Rimless Reef Aquarium Installation – Brighton, MA

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Imagine an Ocean recently replaced a 20+ year old 29 gallon aquarium with a new 70 gallon rimless reef aquarium in Brighton, MA. This project was for the Kovalev Insurance office, a client of our for about the past year.


The existing aquarium was very out of date and beginning to seep water out the top seal. It was definitely time for an upgrade!


The new 70 gallon system includes the glass rimless tank, stand, sump filter, recessed glass covers and more!


We transferred some of the old equipment including one of the heaters, skimmer and pump.


All the fish and inverts were transferred over including wrasses, clownfish, coral and anemones. We also used the existing live rock, but replaced all the live sand.


It will take a few hours for the water to clear. Within a few weeks we can begin adding even more fish and coral!