New 120 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation in Beverly, MA

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We’ve been caring for this 120 gallon reef aquarium in Beverly for many years. Yet, this glass aquarium was old and beginning to show signs of weak seals along the top rim. We decided to replace the tank with a new glass aquarium. During the process, we took the opportunity to clean the sump and all equipment thoroughly.

Fish, critters and corals were removed and placed in holding containers while the transition was made. All corals were dipped and disinfected in the process to prevent parasite and disease transfer to the new tank.


After a few hours of work, the equipment was clean, the new tank in place and being filled and the fish being acclimated to their new home.


It will take a few hours for this newly filled aquarium to clear up. The important thing is that everything is back up and running and all the live animals made the transition well.

If your current aquarium or filter system is outdated, call the pros at Imagine an Ocean. We would be happy to guide you in upgrading your fresh or saltwater aquarium in any way!

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