Multi-story saltwater reef aquarium installation

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aquarium installtion MA by Imagine an OceanThese two empty tanks may look like they’re being stored safely in someone’s basement, but they have been placed deliberately and will soon be full of cycling saltwater.




The more water a system has, the more stable it is. Minor changes in pollution or nitrate levels will have a smaller net effect in a large environment.












aquarium installation Boston by Imagine an Ocean

This is the display tank for this reef aquarium. We would be able to fit a small sump beneath the stand but since we were able to drill and plumb to the basement, we installed this aquarium so that the majority of the pumps, filters, skimmers, and other noisy or messy components were out of this family’s main living area.





Because aquarium installation and maintenance can be a wet, messy process, having the ability to “hide” and store the loud, wet, or foul-smelling elements in the basement is such an advantage. It keeps the upstairs quiet and clean and removes the stress that comes with knowing that an overflowing tank will ruin your wood floors and potentially harm your home’s electrical system.






aquarium installation MAfish tank installation MA

These are the pipes, tubes, and valves through which the water will travel down to the basement and back up to the living room. For an aquarium installation of this magnitude, it’s best to consult an experienced professional. 


fish tank service MA

The system is now fully operational. The gray tub stores a reservoir of pre-filtered water, making water changes (and handling a potential emergency) significantly easier. The electrical components are mounted above ground and above any potential spills. Easy access to kill switches makes maintenance and  overflow prevention easier. Filters, skimmers, and a top-off unit can also be seen.


If you’re in Boston or Massachusetts’s north shore contact Imagine an Ocean today for a free consultation. We are the area’s experts in aquarium installation and maintenance. We will gladly discuss what options work best for you and your living space. To find out more, keep reading our blog or check us out on Facebook.



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