Aquarium Maintenance Massachusetts

Routine aquarium maintenance and monitoring are essential for all contained aquatic systems. Whether aquarium maintenance services are required weekly or just once per month, Imagine an Ocean has maintenance plans to fit any system. Our goal is to manage every element of your aquarium so that it can be enjoyed to the fullest. Aquarium maintenance scheduling can be managed on an “as needed” basis or integrated into a contract to cover up to one full year. The following are included with our aquarium maintenance services:

  • Testing/analysis
  • Livestock inspection
  • Water change/replacement (top-off)
  • Filter maintenance (cleaning, media replacement)
  • Skimmer/reactor maintenance
  • Substrate/décor cleaning
  • Interior and exterior surfaces (glass, lighting fixtures, stand)
  • Dosing of major/minor trace elements, vitamins, supplements etc.
  • Food and supply inventory

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