Installing a Pacific Sun Triton aquarium LED on a ceiling mount in Boston’s Beacon Hill.

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Pacific Sun Triton Aquarium LED

We’ve shared this aquarium with you before. It is an acrylic 60 gallon 24” rimless cube from Zero Edge that supports many species of fish and coral.




Aquarium service MA by Imagine an Ocean

This Pacific Sun Triton S 145W LED-only aquarium light was being suspended from this bracket mount. When the homeowner decided it was time for a ceiling mount, he called the same crew he always does for aquarium maintenance, Imagine an Ocean.





Aquarium installation MA Imagine an Ocean

This ceiling mount requires minimal space to install. The sleek, elegant look provides a modern touch to the room and allows the light to hover over the tank without the risk of it falling in. It also makes tilting, balancing and raising the light a breeze for controlling spread/coverage and easy access to the aquarium.



Aquarium lighting installation MA







We left the new Triton S hovering at the same 8” over the surface of the water. The Triton S provides more than enough coverage for this small reef.













Aquarium service MA by Imagine an Ocean

We love the new look of the ceiling mounted light but the aquarium itself is the real star. This customer takes great pride in his tank and it shows. We’ll provide some hi-def close-ups soon. Until then, see our previous post.





Tropical Fish Care MA

Corals, anemones and fish all thrive in this reef. We can’t wait to show you more. Check out our Facebook page for more colorful pictures of some other aquariums we service and as always, thanks for reading!

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