Imagine an Ocean installs 240 gallon aquarium in new science labs at Melrose High School

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aquarium makeover MA

At the end of the last school year, Imagine an Ocean was contacted by Melrose High School to remove and store their tank while work was being done in the classrooms.


Aquarium moving MA

After removing the water, live rock, and sand, Yorgos and Sean lifted the tank off of its stand and brought it back to our shop to be cleaned and stored.



custom aquarium furniture MA

It was also time for a new stand. Fortunately, we have an in-house carpenter who can build stands, canopies, and other pieces of aquarium furniture.



custom stain and finish on aquarium stands by Imagine an Ocean MA

After several coats of paint and finish the stand was ready to go.



aquariums in the classroom by Imagine an Ocean

After a through scrubbing and cleansing, the tank looks like new on top of its new stand.



science lab aquarium by Imagine an Ocean

Water, live rock, sand, and substrate were added and the system began cycling. This is an 8′ long 240 gallon tank, a serious aquarium setup.



aquarium as a teaching tool in the classroom

An aquarium is a versatile teaching tool that can accommodate lesson plans in many areas of scientific study. There is the obvious study of biology (plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, corals, bacteria), environmental science (it is a contained ecosystem), chemistry (pH, Mg, Alk, Ca levels in the water and their relevance), and physics (only lightwaves of a certain frequency facilitate photosynthetic reactions in coral and algae). In fact, with this Hyperion S by Pacific Sun Aquarium Led Lighting students will be able to independently control every individual color and schedule it’s intensity for all points throughout the day. By adjusting the colors used, their intensity, and daylight/moonlight schedule students will be able to observe the effect on coral and growth and come up with optimal scenarios.




Boston aquarium experts Imagine an Ocean

This tank is a work in progress. As a contained marine ecosystem, it is undergoing constant change. We will certainly keep you posted on how this tank is doing and what lessons it can teach. We want to thank the science department at Melrose High for giving us the opportunity to use an aquarium a tool for teaching the next generation of marine biologists, home aquarists, and science enthusiasts