Freshwater aquarium care in Stoughton, MA: Filter replacement.

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aquaium maintenance MA by Imagine an Ocean

freshwater aquarium care MA by Imagine an Ocean

We were recently called to replace the filter in a freshwater cichlid breeding tank in Stoughton, MA.

This filter was the “hang-on” type that relied on pads and sponges as media to filter debris and pollutants from the water.

When we arrived at the house, the filter was very dirty and the tank’s owner wanted a new one. We decided to do away with the hanging filter.


freshwater aquarium installation MA

Instead, we installed this much more efficient pump and filtration system underneath the tank.


fish tank maintenance MA

This is a multi-stage filter meaning it’s stack-and-flow design forces water through different media trays for efficient mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. This model also has an integrated UV sterilizer to kill any unwanted bacteria in your tank before they multiply and infect your tank.


freshwater aquarium maintenance MA The funky “fish tank smell” that surrounds so many freshwater tanks comes from mold and algae stuck and/or growing in open filters like this. The closed canister will not only keep water crystal clear but will also reduce that smell.

freshwater aquarium installation MAThis clean, quiet system will keep the tank and room free from unnecessary noise, smell and pollutants. Just another day in the world of aquarium service in Massachusetts.

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