Custom Aquarium Stand Build for 180 Gallon Reef Tank – Franklin, MA

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A new client in Franklin, MA ordered a custom glass aquarium from a manufacturer in Canada. While the tank was being designed and assembled, Imagine an Ocean was hired to build a custom stand for the new tank. After going over the dimensions, design and necessary functionality with the owner, we began the process of creating the perfect base for the new reef tank set to arrive soon!



The tank dimensions are roughly 72×24 inches (footprint). We decided that the stand would be 32” tall to allow for perfect viewing while still allowing for easy access to the tank. The front of the stand has 4 doors allowing access through 2 oversized openings. Side doors were also installed on both ends.


Low profile, space-saving supports are added to the inside corners keeping the inside space open for all the pluming and filtration equipment.


We styled the doors, molding and hardware to compliment an existing piece of furniture in the room the tank will be installed.



Over 5 coats of black, semi-gloss, protective paint was sprayed on for an ultra-durable finish that is easy to clean and will protect the wood from the salty and humid environment.


The new stand was delivered to Franklin, MA where our customer was eagerly awaiting! He was very happy with the final product.

Once the new tank arrives, we’ll be sure to post some pictures of the entire system assembled.

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