LED and T5 combine in Pacific Sun’s Pandora Hyperion

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Pandora Hyperion the most recent in the Pacific Sun lineup as it is the newest and only current product to offer the Hyperion 8 channel LED panels with T5 fluorescents in one modern, sleek and powerful lighting fixture. Pandora Hyperion incorporates fully controllable T5 fluorescent technology into this series in combination with their powerful, 150W 8ch LED panels offering 10 LED chips including CREE XM-L (capable of up to 10 watts of power). Pandora Hyperion comes in two sizes, 49” and...

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4 Reasons a GHL Doser Will Make an Aquarist’s Life Better

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     Like it or not, the condition of your tank is constantly in flux. Animals create waste, corals absorb precious nutrients, and water evaporates, changing the salinity of the water. Aquarists and reef-keepers can adjust the pH, replenish nutrients and replace evaporated water to keep up with the pace of life in a confined environment. Automatic dosing systems by GHL makes this easy and hands free while reducing the potential for human error. 1.) With a GHL doser,...

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