240 gallon freshwater tank in Ipswich, MA part 2- Aquarium Installation by Imagine an Ocean

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  Last week we took a quick look at a 240 gallon freshwater tank that we installed in Ipswich, MA.  Today we’ll take a closer look at some of this aquarium’s components and residents.     The fish you see here, and some of the water, came from a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium that we had been maintaining for several years now. This new tank sits on a custom built stand and has a matching custom canopy. The tank is lit by a Pacific Sun Hyperion LED aquarium...

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Cyanobacteria (Red Slime Algae) and the importance of regular aquarium maintenance

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  Many reefkeepers are unfortunate enough to have encountered red slime algae in their aquariums and fish tanks. Many of us have encountered red slime but what is it and what causes it to grow?     Red slime algae is not actually an algae at all, but rather an ancient form of bacteria called cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are marine, unicellular, photosynthetic organisms that have the distinction of being the oldest fossil on record at 3.5 billion years! Though they are...

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60 gal cube reef with Pacific Sun Triton LEDs and GHL Pofilux conroller

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This sweet 24” x 24” x 24” cube nano reef is home to many coral frags. This aquarium service customer in Boston, MA has the right equipment to maintain his finicky species.     The Triton S from Pacific Sun is the industry leader in LED lighting for small tanks. This 145 watt lamp is completely programmable and can be controlled wirelessly on your computer or smartphone for maximum ease of control. The native Bali program will mimic he light patterns and weather seasons of...

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Why professionally sourced livestock is the best option for home aquariums

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    These days, the home aquarist has unprecedented access to everything aquarium-related from lights and salt to fish and corals. While it’s easy to find good deals online, there is a huge difference between purchasing a protein skimmer and ordering a new seahorse through the mail. Due to the delicate nature of many species, as well as the sight-unseen, buyer-beware nature of online shopping, proper care and acclimation of new arrivals is crucial in maintaining the life and health...

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Aquarium cleaning MA – A necessary chore

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  If you’re a regular reader of our blog or Facebook posts you’ll have noticed that we tend to post a lot of aquarium installations like this one, this one, and this one. These can be interesting and a great way to view a tank’s progress and evolution from the beginning. Aquarium installation is a one-time deal however and most of our time is spent on aquarium service and maintenance.     Keeping a healthy tank, like the one pictured above, requires diligence and...

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Beautiful Essex, MA pond revisited – A year after “This Old House”

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            After removing the leaves and debris we added rubber insulation to keep the water contained within the system. With the path cleaned and ready we began circulating water through the pump and filtration...

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