Cyanobacteria (Red Slime Algae) and the importance of regular aquarium maintenance

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  Many reefkeepers are unfortunate enough to have encountered red slime algae in their aquariums and fish tanks. Many of us have encountered red slime but what is it and what causes it to grow?     Red slime algae is not actually an algae at all, but rather an ancient form of bacteria called cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are marine, unicellular, photosynthetic organisms that have the distinction of being the oldest fossil on record at 3.5 billion years! Though they are...

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3 quick reasons why your medical or dental facility needs an aquarium

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  1.) It makes your waiting room more interesting and absorbing.   Nobody likes a boring waiting room, especially kids and nervous patients. As the American philosopher William James once noted, “Boredom results from being attentive to the passage of time itself.”  With an aquarium to gaze at and fish to observe, time spent in waiting rooms becomes engaging and relaxing, improving the quality of time spent in your offices. Speaking of being relaxing….     2.)...

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