60 gal cube reef with Pacific Sun Triton LEDs and GHL Pofilux conroller

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This sweet 24” x 24” x 24” cube nano reef is home to many coral frags. This aquarium service customer in Boston, MA has the right equipment to maintain his finicky species.     The Triton S from Pacific Sun is the industry leader in LED lighting for small tanks. This 145 watt lamp is completely programmable and can be controlled wirelessly on your computer or smartphone for maximum ease of control. The native Bali program will mimic he light patterns and weather seasons of...

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250 gallon Reef Aquarium Breakdown

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While most of our big jobs are aquarium installations, one of the services we provide are aquarium moving and breakdown services. This Essex, MA customer had unrelated water damage in their home and needed to have the floors, walls, and ceiling replaced or repaired and there was a 250 gallon, six foot reef tank standing in their way.     Imagine an Ocean was just the team for the job. Not only are we experienced in moving large, heavy tanks; we also can expertly break down your...

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75 gallon reef aquarium in Beverly Farms, MA with a unique stand and Pacific Sun Triton LED lighting: Vacation service for aquariums

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This 75 gallon reef tank is one of our favorites. The customer has long been a reef keeper and home aquarist who first sought us out to care for his tank while he was away on vacation and business.   This tank comes enclosed in a unique, one-of-a-kind stand and canopy. The plumbing and filtration are hidden beneath the tank while the lights and brackets are hidden over the tank. Six holes have been cut out for easy feeding of the fish and corals inside. A hinged top makes this tank so easy to...

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Coral Corner: Green Star polyps

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Green star polyps are usually among the first corals a reef keeper places in his tank. These colony-based animals are peaceful, colorful, and as far as corals are concerned, easy to maintain.     Green Star polyps spread very rapidly. They do this by emitting a purple mat that clings to rocks, upon which the polyps grow.       It is also along this purple mat that signals travel from one polyp to the next. For example, when one polyp is attacked, it signals the other...

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Who was that cleaner shrimp looking at? 90gl Tank, 5 Month Old Peabody, MA continued…

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  On Tuesday, we had just introduced a cleanup crew into this 5 month old, 90gl reef tank. We also asked whether anyone knew what he was looking at. Were your guesses correct?    This cleaner shrimp is looking down on a purple firefish swimming past an elegance coral. Below is a close up of these gorgeous animals.   Elegance coral really takes well to quality lighting and this one is no exception. It’s a magnificent specimen.   This picture has a little bit of...

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Introducing a cleanup crew to a 5mo old 90gl reef tank – Peabody, MA

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Cleanup crews, generally comprised of snails, crabs, and other invertebrates, play an important role in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. The help keep the water, rock, sand, and glass clean by eating the algae and waste that is in your tank.  Not only are they vital to the success of your tank, but they’re really interesting and fun to watch. Today we introduced a cleanup crew to a 5 moth old 90 gal reef tank. The cleanup crew can be seen in the top of the tank, acclimating to...

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