Yellow Tang

75 gallon reef aquarium in Beverly Farms, MA with a unique stand and Pacific Sun Triton LED lighting: Vacation service for aquariums

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This 75 gallon reef tank is one of our favorites. The customer has long been a reef keeper and home aquarist who first sought us out to care for his tank while he was away on vacation and business.   This tank comes enclosed in a unique, one-of-a-kind stand and canopy. The plumbing and filtration are hidden beneath the tank while the lights and brackets are hidden over the tank. Six holes have been cut out for easy feeding of the fish and corals inside. A hinged top makes this tank so easy to...

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Fishinformation vol 1: Yellow Tang

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The yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) is a very popular fish for home aquarists. These stunning animals are native to the shallow reefs west of Hawaii and East of Japan and Korea. In the wild they survive on algae, whether it is the turf variety that grows along the reef and reef beds or the algae that grows on the shells of marine turtles. Stunning video of yellow tangs eating algae off of a sea turtle. Go follow the crew over at SeaLife Help who shot, posted, and own this clip.   The...

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