180 gal Aquarium makeover and maintenance: Part 1

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Imagine an Ocean was recently hired to organize and update a large 180+ gallon reef system. There is a gorgeous tank upstairs with pumps, filtration, and RODI water being kept in the basement.     When we arrived,there was an unsafe collection of wires and power strips hanging precariously over and around large volumes of water. Even if a short circuit or electric fire never occurs, simple or emergency maintenance and tank shut-off becomes much more difficult with so many cords,...

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Auto Top Off (ATO) for Aquariums

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If you have had an aquarium for any length of time, you know that the name of the game is stability. Temperature, pH and salinity are just a few of the parameters which need to remain constant. Water evaporation has a negative effect on the stability of the aquarium. Every system’s evaporation rate is different and depends on a variety of factors. Some of these include humidity of the tank and sump rooms, exposed surface area versus tank volume, type of lighting used, and air movement over...

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