Metis Hyperion

Replacing a T5 with a Metis Hyperion S 3x145w LED fixture in Milton, MA

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Imagine an Ocean just had the opportunity to to install a Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion S 3 x 145W lamp over a 210 gallon saltwater tank in Milton, MA.     This tank had been lit with 72” T5 blue and white lamps.  While the T5 is more energy efficient than metal halides, the bulbs need to be replaced annually and this reefkeeper was ready to upgrade to LEDs.     Pacific Sun makes the best LEDs on the market. The Hyperion S features 8 completely programmable color...

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Who was that cleaner shrimp looking at? 90gl Tank, 5 Month Old Peabody, MA continued…

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  On Tuesday, we had just introduced a cleanup crew into this 5 month old, 90gl reef tank. We also asked whether anyone knew what he was looking at. Were your guesses correct?    This cleaner shrimp is looking down on a purple firefish swimming past an elegance coral. Below is a close up of these gorgeous animals.   Elegance coral really takes well to quality lighting and this one is no exception. It’s a magnificent specimen.   This picture has a little bit of...

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Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion Update

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Update for the Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion Reef LED Lamp- Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion is now shipping to the USA. These are all R2 models with the most power, control, coverage and highest build quality of an Reef LED Lighting System. All Lamps equipped with the full 8 channel, completely wireless control that only Pacific Sun offers.   Hyperion Panels include the following: – 6 x CREE XML Cool White and Neutral White – 5 x UVA 420nm and 400nm – 1 x CREE XPE Red – 1...

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Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion

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     Coming soon to Imagine an Ocean! Pacific Sun has just released the newest edition to their collection: the Metis Hyperion LED aquarium lighting system.  The new Hyperion is the first fixture to have the latest and most advanced Cree XM-L and UV LED’s.  The addition of eight controllable channels will allow it’s user to remotely input exactly what intensity and color is desired. Mounted on each unit are seven different colors of LED’s and two colors of UV-A diodes.  Each panel...

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