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240 gallon freshwater tank in Ipswich, MA part 2- Aquarium Installation by Imagine an Ocean

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  Last week we took a quick look at a 240 gallon freshwater tank that we installed in Ipswich, MA.  Today we’ll take a closer look at some of this aquarium’s components and residents.     The fish you see here, and some of the water, came from a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium that we had been maintaining for several years now. This new tank sits on a custom built stand and has a matching custom canopy. The tank is lit by a Pacific Sun Hyperion LED aquarium...

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Imagine an Ocean installs 240 gallon aquarium in new science labs at Melrose High School

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At the end of the last school year, Imagine an Ocean was contacted by Melrose High School to remove and store their tank while work was being done in the classrooms.   After removing the water, live rock, and sand, Yorgos and Sean lifted the tank off of its stand and brought it back to our shop to be cleaned and stored.     It was also time for a new stand. Fortunately, we have an in-house carpenter who can build stands, canopies, and other pieces of aquarium...

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180 gal Aquarium makeover and maintenance: Part 3

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We’ve already posted two entries about the makeover and system redesign on this 180 gallon aquarium. You can read them here  and here. Notice that empty refugium in the”after” pic? It’s not empty anymore…   We were able to get this light from the customer’s reef tank upstairs.       This tank looks great already but this reef keeper was ready for to upgrade his lighting. His sps coral should thrive under his new Pacific Sun Hyperion S 4x 145W LED aquarium...

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Replacing a T5 with a Metis Hyperion S 3x145w LED fixture in Milton, MA

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Imagine an Ocean just had the opportunity to to install a Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion S 3 x 145W lamp over a 210 gallon saltwater tank in Milton, MA.     This tank had been lit with 72” T5 blue and white lamps.  While the T5 is more energy efficient than metal halides, the bulbs need to be replaced annually and this reefkeeper was ready to upgrade to LEDs.     Pacific Sun makes the best LEDs on the market. The Hyperion S features 8 completely programmable color...

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60 gal cube reef with Pacific Sun Triton LEDs and GHL Pofilux conroller

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This sweet 24” x 24” x 24” cube nano reef is home to many coral frags. This aquarium service customer in Boston, MA has the right equipment to maintain his finicky species.     The Triton S from Pacific Sun is the industry leader in LED lighting for small tanks. This 145 watt lamp is completely programmable and can be controlled wirelessly on your computer or smartphone for maximum ease of control. The native Bali program will mimic he light patterns and weather seasons of...

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Adding some color; saltwater fish move into 240gl tank on custom stained stand MA

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When we last checked in on this tank, Yorgos has just added a some green chromis and a mated pair of clownfish.  Since then, we’ve slowly introduced more saltwater fish into this young tank.   Today we added a school of Bartlett’s anthias. These favorite of Yorgos are a beautiful addition to any tank large enough to support them. It’s important to add the anthias early on in the lifespan of a reef before larger fish have a chance to mark their territory.   In this picture we can...

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