180 gal Aquarium makeover and maintenance: Part 1

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Imagine an Ocean was recently hired to organize and update a large 180+ gallon reef system. There is a gorgeous tank upstairs with pumps, filtration, and RODI water being kept in the basement.     When we arrived,there was an unsafe collection of wires and power strips hanging precariously over and around large volumes of water. Even if a short circuit or electric fire never occurs, simple or emergency maintenance and tank shut-off becomes much more difficult with so many cords,...

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4 traits of businesses with outstanding customer service

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A Massachusetts aquarium service provider shares its observations on common traits and best practices.   In any competitive industry, the success of a business is determined by how competently and professionally it serves its customers. Even in a knowledge-intensive field like aquarium installation, success will only come to those companies for whom customer service is the top priority. While variations exist between industries and individual businesses, here are several common traits...

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3 quick reasons why your medical or dental facility needs an aquarium

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  1.) It makes your waiting room more interesting and absorbing.   Nobody likes a boring waiting room, especially kids and nervous patients. As the American philosopher William James once noted, “Boredom results from being attentive to the passage of time itself.”  With an aquarium to gaze at and fish to observe, time spent in waiting rooms becomes engaging and relaxing, improving the quality of time spent in your offices. Speaking of being relaxing….     2.)...

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