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240 gallon freshwater tank in Ipswich, MA part 2- Aquarium Installation by Imagine an Ocean

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  Last week we took a quick look at a 240 gallon freshwater tank that we installed in Ipswich, MA.  Today we’ll take a closer look at some of this aquarium’s components and residents.     The fish you see here, and some of the water, came from a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium that we had been maintaining for several years now. This new tank sits on a custom built stand and has a matching custom canopy. The tank is lit by a Pacific Sun Hyperion LED aquarium...

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Fishinformation vol: 3 The Emperor Angelfish

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  Look at this fish…     …Now look at this one: What do these two have in common?     If you answered “they’re both beautiful”, you’d be accurate. If you answered “”they’re both beautiful tropical reef fish”, you’d be more accurate. If you answered “They’re both angelfish”, you know your fish and I tip my cap. The real answer is that these two eye-catching fish are both members of the same species, the Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus...

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Fishinformation vol. 2: The Flasher Wrasse

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  It’s Fish Friday at Imagine an Ocean and today we’re be taking a brief look at the colorful and entertaining flasher wrasse.   The term Flasher wrasse is used to describe species in the genus Paracheilinus.  They are named for their brash, showy movements and bright, bold colors that the males use to attract mates.       Their natural habitats include Kenya, the Maldives, Bali, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They are a hardy fish and live quite long in home...

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250 gallon Reef Aquarium Breakdown

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While most of our big jobs are aquarium installations, one of the services we provide are aquarium moving and breakdown services. This Essex, MA customer had unrelated water damage in their home and needed to have the floors, walls, and ceiling replaced or repaired and there was a 250 gallon, six foot reef tank standing in their way.     Imagine an Ocean was just the team for the job. Not only are we experienced in moving large, heavy tanks; we also can expertly break down your...

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Fishinformation vol 1: Yellow Tang

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The yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) is a very popular fish for home aquarists. These stunning animals are native to the shallow reefs west of Hawaii and East of Japan and Korea. In the wild they survive on algae, whether it is the turf variety that grows along the reef and reef beds or the algae that grows on the shells of marine turtles. Stunning video of yellow tangs eating algae off of a sea turtle. Go follow the crew over at SeaLife Help who shot, posted, and own this clip.   The...

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Why professionally sourced livestock is the best option for home aquariums

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    These days, the home aquarist has unprecedented access to everything aquarium-related from lights and salt to fish and corals. While it’s easy to find good deals online, there is a huge difference between purchasing a protein skimmer and ordering a new seahorse through the mail. Due to the delicate nature of many species, as well as the sight-unseen, buyer-beware nature of online shopping, proper care and acclimation of new arrivals is crucial in maintaining the life and health...

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