New 120 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation in Beverly, MA

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We’ve been caring for this 120 gallon reef aquarium in Beverly for many years. Yet, this glass aquarium was old and beginning to show signs of weak seals along the top rim. We decided to replace the tank with a new glass aquarium. During the process, we took the opportunity to clean the sump and all equipment thoroughly. Fish, critters and corals were removed and placed in holding containers while the transition was made. All corals were dipped and disinfected in the process to prevent parasite and disease transfer to the new tank. After...

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125 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation – Wilmington, MA

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We partnered with Love the Reef for this saltwater reef aquarium installation in Wilmington, MA. The owners wanted to upgrade from an old 50 gallon aquarium. So, they consulted the experts! This 125 gallon aquarium is 6 feet long and sits on a beautiful, solid wood cabinet that is 36” tall. Only the best equipment was used including Radion lighting, Vortech wavemakers, Apex monitoring and control system, Tunze skimmer and Eheim pumps! At this point, the aquarium is going through the initial cycling process and will be ready for fish in a...

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Reef Aquarium Cleanup Crew – Beverly, MA

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We’ve been maintaining this 120 gallon saltwater reef aquarium for the past 4-5 years since we installed it. Overall, its been a great success! Yet over the past few months algae has begun to grow at a rapid rate. Algae is an issue that nearly all aquarists encounter at some point. There are many reasons that algae begins to grow and many ways to combat it. Remember, algae needs both light and nutrients to be healthy. In a reef tank, we need to find the balance of the right amount of light and nutrients for the corals but limit it to keep...

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Spring Pond Cleaning – Essex, MA

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We are back at the This Old House pond installation site from a few year back. We open and close this pond every year as part of the spring pond cleaning routine and stock it with plant, fish and whatever else the clients want that year. Spring cleaning involves changing the water, testing, adding supplements, checking the equipment and adding new plants. We normally do this in a few visits over a couple weeks. Above is the Auto fill valve that lets new water in to replace evaporated water and maintain a consistent water...

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Saltwater Aquarium Cleaning: Dirty Jobs Part CMXCIX… and counting!

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Some aquarium filters are just dirtier than others. This one was in need of some serious attention. So, the owners enlisted the saltwater aquarium cleaning services of IAO. We installed much of this equipment years ago actually. Yet, it is not a system that we see regularly. So, when we are called in, there is a TON to do!   Above: A protein skimmer (right) and bio pellet reactor (left). The top of this skimmer is the waste collection cup. Above: Looks like the collection cup MAY be at capacity, eh? Protein skimmers remove dissolved...

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How-To Move an Aquarium: 120 Gallon Reef Relocation – Boston to Salem, MA

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Installing a big aquarium or reef tank is no easy task. There is electrical, plumbing, specialized equipment and lots of heavy lifting. Yet, you can take your time and go through all the stages step by step without having to worry about any live fish or corals. Once the installation is complete, the animals are added slowly over the next months and years. So, once that giant aquarium is full of water and delicate fish and coral with all the equipment running, what happens if the tank needs to be moved? Relocating an aquarium of any size is...

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75 Gallon Reef Aquarium Vacation Care – Danvers, MA

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This reef aquarium has gone through many changes over the past couple years. It was originally upgraded from a 46 bowfront tank. Then, we moved it from Lynn to Danvers MA a few months ago. Needless to say, these fish, inverts and corals have gone through a lot over the past couple years! But, you’d never know it! Everything is thriving and happy.  There are almost “too many” fish in this tank and as you can see, dozens of pieces of coral.     Under normal conditions, this tank may seem overcrowded. Yet, the owner is on...

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New 70 Gallon Rimless Reef Aquarium Installation – Brighton, MA

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Imagine an Ocean recently replaced a 20+ year old 29 gallon aquarium with a new 70 gallon rimless reef aquarium in Brighton, MA. This project was for the Kovalev Insurance office, a client of our for about the past year. The existing aquarium was very out of date and beginning to seep water out the top seal. It was definitely time for an upgrade!   The new 70 gallon system includes the glass rimless tank, stand, sump filter, recessed glass covers and more! We transferred some of the old equipment including one of the heaters, skimmer...

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Custom Aquarium Stand Build for 180 Gallon Reef Tank – Franklin, MA

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A new client in Franklin, MA ordered a custom glass aquarium from a manufacturer in Canada. While the tank was being designed and assembled, Imagine an Ocean was hired to build a custom stand for the new tank. After going over the dimensions, design and necessary functionality with the owner, we began the process of creating the perfect base for the new reef tank set to arrive soon! The tank dimensions are roughly 72×24 inches (footprint). We decided that the stand would be 32” tall to allow for perfect viewing while still allowing...

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Reef Aquarium Doser Installation – Methuen, MA

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We recently installed a Pacific Sun Kore 5th reef aquarium doser for a system you are all familiar with. The new reef tank in Methuen, MA is doing great. The equipment is running properly and keeping the system healthy and the fish and coral are thriving!   As the demand for available coral-building elements and nutrients in the water increases with the growth and addition of new coral, supplement need to be added to the system frequently to maintain an optimal environment. This can quickly become a time consuming chore.   The Kore...

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