75 gallon reef aquarium in Beverly Farms, MA with a unique stand and Pacific Sun Triton LED lighting: Vacation service for aquariums

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This 75 gallon reef tank is one of our favorites. The customer has long been a reef keeper and home aquarist who first sought us out to care for his tank while he was away on vacation and business.

reef tank stand w/ built-in canopy

This customer performs his own regular maintenance but travels frequently. We’re happy to provide our aquarium services to those who only need it when travelling or on vacation.

 aquarium feeding MA

This tank comes enclosed in a unique, one-of-a-kind stand and canopy. The plumbing and filtration are hidden beneath the tank while the lights and brackets are hidden over the tank. Six holes have been cut out for easy feeding of the fish and corals inside.

A hinged top makes this tank so easy to clean and maintain. Instead of having to remove a large, bulky canopy, we can simply raise the top of the stand and reach inside to adjust the lights, clean the glass, or test the water.

Pacific Sun Triton LED

The Pacific Sun Triton LED is perfect for a tank this size.

The stand is great but the tank inside is equally noteworthy. This reef is home to some colorful fish and corals. Here we see green star polyps, leather corals, clownfish, snails, and an anemone.

vacation care for tropical fish MA

This tank has plenty of room for more corals and limited space for new fish. It’s important to avoid overcrowding.


This trumpet coral is a long polyp stony (LPS) coral. Each of the polyps you see is a long extension of a relatively small skeleton. Trumpet corals require a diet of baby brine shrimp, zooplankton, or finely chopped meaty items to grow and thrive.

LPS Coral care MA

That’s a leather tree in the bottom left.

This lovely tank also houses a couple of green chromis, some anemones, and the aquarium service favorite, a yellow tang.

tropical fish care MA

The clownfish makes this anemone his home.



We love this tank, and get excited when the opportunity comes to clean it. Next time and your family are on vacation or travelling for work, call the pros at Imagine an Ocean. with our top-notch aquarium service, you won’t have to worry about our reef when you’re away, leaving you to truly relax and enjoy your trip.

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