Aquarium Relocation Service

Aquarium System Relocation
Relocating an aquarium can be an extremely involved project. As you may have experienced, even professional moving companies do not off aquarium relocation service . Nearly every component of an aquatic system is delicate with livestock at the top of the list. Imagine an Ocean can relocate or transport nearly any size system within our service area. Our goals are safety and efficiency. Maintaining stability and water quality in transit ensures minimal stress on livestock and rapid system recovery.

We also have the capability to “board” or hold you freshwater or saltwater live animals if necessary. This can make an aquarium relocation much less stressful. We can pick up all fish, corals, invertebrates, plants and live rock BEFORE the actual move day. Your live animals will be held in our quarantine systems until your aquarium has been relocated and is ready for all the inhabitants to be acclimated back to their home.