75 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tank Installation Part II – Beverly, MA

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We are now onto part II of our new saltwater aquarium installation in Beverly. If you don’t remember, take a look at Part I on our blog.

A few days later the water is finally ready for live sand and rock. As usual, we drain the tank partially before adding the rock. Once our rock structure is built, live sand is added around the base of the rock and covers the bottom of the tank. We use about 1.5 inches of sand typically.

75 gallon saltwater fish tank installation

The wavemaker seen on the left side of the tank pulses varying water currents that create a realistic reef environment and ensure adequate turnover rates through the filter system.

saltwater fish tank installation

The water is a bit cloudy immediately after the sand and rock are added. Yet, over the next few hours, all the water in the tank will pass through the filter system and particulates will be collected by the filter socks. Its already starting to clear up!

We will monitor the water over the next 2 weeks and add biological filter supplements to speed up the cycling process. This lets us add fish sooner and ensures the water is safe for the new livestock.

Stay tuned for the next step in this new saltwater fish tank installation…the addition of our first fish! What will they be? Check back soon to find out.