75 Gallon Reef Aquarium Vacation Care – Danvers, MA

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This reef aquarium has gone through many changes over the past couple years. It was originally upgraded from a 46 bowfront tank. Then, we moved it from Lynn to Danvers MA a few months ago. Needless to say, these fish, inverts and corals have gone through a lot over the past couple years! But, you’d never know it!

Everything is thriving and happy.  There are almost “too many” fish in this tank and as you can see, dozens of pieces of coral.




Under normal conditions, this tank may seem overcrowded. Yet, the owner is on top of every aspect of this system and keeps up the cleaning schedule and equipment maintenance. He only calls in Imagine an Ocean for big projects like equipment installation, relocation or sometimes vacation care.

See some of the corals below!


Above – January 2015


Above – May 2015


Above – Gorgonian




Above – Leather coral and Mushrooms


Above – Bubble tip anemone (BTA)

All the corals have been growing at a great rate and keeping their colors as well.

We most recently cared for this tank for a week while the owner was on vacation.

If your aquarium is in need of a checkup while you are away on business or vacation, call Imagine an Ocean to discuss your systems needs. We’ll take the stress out of leaving your aquarium while you’re away and make sure its healthy and clean when you return.

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