60 gal cube reef with Pacific Sun Triton LEDs and GHL Pofilux conroller

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This sweet 24” x 24” x 24” cube nano reef is home to many coral frags. This aquarium service customer in Boston, MA has the right equipment to maintain his finicky species.




The Triton S from Pacific Sun is the industry leader in LED lighting for small tanks. This 145 watt lamp is completely programmable and can be controlled wirelessly on your computer or smartphone for maximum ease of control. The native Bali program will mimic he light patterns and weather seasons of shallow reefs in Bali, Indonesia.




This chalice coral is able to thrive under the full-spectrum light provided by the Triton S. These more advanced corals are extremely mesmerizing and have a surreal, alien appearance. To me, they resemble the images of cells captured and magnified 1000x. Pictures do not do these corals justice.




This tank is one of our favorites. It’s home to so many colorful species. Here we see a large hammer coral, a clownfish, some acans, a wrasse, and some mushroom corals, amongst others.





Another chalice coral and some acans.





We’ll also take care of your anemones as part of our aquarium service and maintenance.





This tank also features the GHL ProFilux controller. The ProFilux allows for automated and/or remote control of element dosing, water changes, and temperature readings. Lighting systems can also be controlled through the ProFilux. It has an LCD touchscreen interface or can be controlled from your smartphone. Instant alerts can be set up so our customer could be travelling overseas and receive a real-time alert if something were off in his tank. he has the option of dosing from his phone or having alerts link to us so we can provide remote maintenance. 




Stay tuned for more updates on the many colorful species that call this tank home. We love this nano reef and hope you will too. Check back for updates. n the meantime, check out our Facebook page or forum on ReefCentral.

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