4 Reasons a GHL Doser Will Make an Aquarist’s Life Better

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Like it or not, the condition of your tank is constantly in flux. Animals create waste, corals absorb precious nutrients, and water evaporates, changing the salinity of the water. Aquarists and reef-keepers can adjust the pH, replenish nutrients and replace evaporated water to keep up with the pace of life in a confined environment. Automatic dosing systems by GHL makes this easy and hands free while reducing the potential for human error.

1.) With a GHL doser, you’ll never forget to dose your tank:

Premixed concentrates of Ca, Alk and Mg for dosing

This GHL system has 4 individual pumps that can be independently programmed to release anywhere from 1 ml/min to 1ml/day, meaning…

2.) You’ll never second-guess your measurements.


No more wondering “was it two drops of calcium and four of magnesium?” ever again. Also,

3.) Your tank and its inhabitants will be much happier, healthier, and more stable with regular, incremental dosing.


Adding everything in or two big doses creates a minor shock in the environment. Also, nutrients can run low and pH can skew out of balance when there are long waits between large doses of trace elements.

Here, we’re adding premixed solutions that regulate Alkalinity/pH and maintain calcium and magnesium levels for coral growth and overall health of the tank. These 2.5 liter balling containers, the GHL Doser SA 4 can hold water or any solution you want to feed into your tank.  They hold enough volume to maintain the tank for days or weeks meaning…

4.) Maintaining your healthy and vibrant tank will be easier and you’ll have more time to enjoy the life inside of it.

  Yorgos installing GHL doser 4 SA and Balling ChamberGHL Doser 4 SA mounted above sump in tank cabinet

And if you are in or around Boston, Yorgos will come install it for you. He mounted this one to the cabinet over the sump.

Click here for more information and technical specs.

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