While most of our big jobs are aquarium installations, one of the services we provide are aquarium moving and breakdown services. This Essex, MA customer had unrelated water damage in their home and needed to have the floors, walls, and ceiling replaced or repaired and there was a 250 gallon, six foot reef tank standing in their way.


fish tank relocation MA

First, we drain off as much water as possible.


Imagine an Ocean was just the team for the job. Not only are we experienced in moving large, heavy tanks; we also can expertly break down your aquatic system efficiently and safely. Most importantly, because we have our own fish and coral holding tanks at our Beverly, MA facility, we were able to provide temporary housing to all of the critters in this tank.



Aquarium Service MA

Sean examines the design and installation of the filtration system and sump, devising the best way to begin the disassembling.



We worked quickly to bag each individual fish, starfish, crab, and coral. We then packed them into temperature-controlled coolers for transport to our holding tanks. It’s part of what makes our aquarium service the best in Massachusetts.

Fish acclimation MA

From the second we remove these creatures from the tank, time management becomes critical. We are now in a race to safely transfer every living thing from this reef system to our holding tanks in Beverly, MA.


The animals were our first priority and we were happy to get them safely acclimated into our holding tanks at Imagine an Ocean headquarters. The next day we returned to Essex to break down the tank, stand, and filtration system.



Saltwater invertebrate acclimation MA

The two serpent stars are in the Imagine an Ocean shop where we are slowly exchanging the water in which the traveled for the water in our system. Doing this slowly makes it less likely that the animals will go into shock and increases their chances of remaining healthy during the move.



It’s important to drain, disconnect, and detach everything properly and in the right order. There is still is still a lot of bacteria-infested water that can spill from tubes, hoses, and filters and onto our customer’s floor. In addition, whenever water and electricity are in close proximity, it’s good to have the professionals around.



aquarium filtration systems MA

   aquarium break-down MA























The tank is off of the stand and ready to be moved out into our trailer. We’ll be back in a month to move this tank, and all of its inhabitants, back into the house.  Whether it’s having your floors remodeled, or as part of larger move for your entire household, Imagine an Ocean are the aquarium relocation experts in Eastern Mass. Our experience, strength, know-how, and commitment to customer service make us the best choice whether you’re moving your aquarium down the hall or across the state.  If needed, we can house your fish and coral temporarily in our Beverly, MA facility.



Aquarium Relocation MA

Sean is also really good at moving large, heavy objects.



Aquarium equipment MA

Broken down filtration components

refugium installation MA

The sump is now empty, dry, and ready to travel.







For more information about fish tank relocation or other aquarium services visit or call 978-884-0187. Thanks for reading!