240 gallon freshwater tank in Ipswich, MA part 2- Aquarium Installation by Imagine an Ocean

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freshwater fish tank care Ipswich MA

Last week we took a quick look at a 240 gallon freshwater tank that we installed in Ipswich, MA.  Today we’ll take a closer look at some of this aquarium’s components and residents.



aquarium installation MA

The fish you see here, and some of the water, came from a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium that we had been maintaining for several years now. This new tank sits on a custom built stand and has a matching custom canopy. The tank is lit by a Pacific Sun Hyperion LED aquarium light.



Pacific Sun LED aquarium lighting deep penetration

Although Pac Sun lamps are normally used on saltwater reef aquariums,  this client wanted ultimate control over the lighting, color and “mood”. As you can see, the Hyperion  has no problem illuminating the bottom of this deep tank.  Parrotfish are on the left, silver dollar fish are on the right.



aquarium plumbing design and installation

These aquarium components are housed in the left side of the stand, hidden beneath the tank.  The yellow external pump forces clean and heated water from the sump up to the main tank. The black cylinder is a UV sterilizer, which helps to control algae growth and rids the water of parasites.



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Inside the other half of the stand sits the sump. The sump provides an out of sight, unlit area for the aquariums water to be filtered and heated. The center section will soon house a biological filer that has yet to be installed.  The sump also allows the system to hold more water than the tank alone can hold. This is valuable because it helps to mitigate and marginalize small amounts of pollution or waste. A larger system is in many ways a more stable system, better equipped to handle and withstand small fluctuations is water temperature, pH, or nitrogen levels. 2 external titanium heater controllers are seen mounted on the sump as well.




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While his tank-mates scatter, this tri-color shark shows no fear.  If you would like to have Imagine an Ocean service or maintain your aquarium, give us a call today at 978-884-0187.


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