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220 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation Part VII – Methuen, MA

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Be sure to review part VI of this installation on our blog or FB This reef aquarium installation is now two months old and already full of life. Fish and coral are added little by little each week to keep the system balanced and healthy. Above, the full length of the aquarium from the entrance of the home. A sand sifting goby is seen hovering above the lower rocks. A neon green hammer coral is center with frogspawn towards the right. Can you spot the giant snail? Zooanthids left,...

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75 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tank Installation – Beverly, MA

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Imagine an Ocean is currently installing a new 75 gallon saltwater fish tank at Harborlight Family Medicine at the Cumming Center in Beverly, MA. The entire office just got a makeover including new paint and furniture. So, it was the perfect time to add an aquarium to the patient waiting room. We bring in the equipment, tank, stand and canopy piece by piece – assembling each component as we go along. This is a 48x18x21 inch 75 gallon glass “reef-ready” aquarium. Above it sits on a...

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240 Gallon Reef Aquarium Update – Wayland, MA

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We installed this reef aquarium just about 2 years ago. Last we looked, we were adding the 3rd round of fish. Now, a year and a half later, this monster reef tank is mature and full of life. Dozens of fish cruise and dart in and out of the coral-covered rockwork. Above a Naso (front) and Tomini (rear) Tang swim together among the corals. The corals are now growing and spreading at a fast pace. Pink and purple coralline algae cover the back of the tank, overflows and live rock. Soft corals...

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265 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation and Replacement – Manchester by the Sea, MA

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A few years ago, Imagine an Ocean donated a 7 foot long reef aquarium to Manchester Memorial Elementary School in Manchester by the Sea, MA. Although the aquarium was used, it was the perfect addition to the school lobby and brought the wonder of the ocean to MMES for students, staff and parents to enjoy. Unfortunately after a couple years, one of the seams of the aquarium developed a slow leak. We were called in one evening when a staff member noticed some water on the floor around the tank....

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220 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tank Installation – Gloucester, MA

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We installed this 220 gallon saltwater fish tank in Gloucester, MA over a year ago. It was actually an upgrade from a 100 gallon tank that was in the same space. The new aquarium and cabinetry are a perfect fit for this office and create a welcoming, peaceful and interesting environment. As the focus of this aquarium is primarily fish at this point, we don’t refer to it as a “reef tank”….yet. Although, it has all the elements in place to become a full-on reef in the very near future....

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