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220 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation Part III–Methuen, MA

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The tank is filled, water heated and mixing with salt. Time to install the sump filter system. As the aquarium is upstairs and the filter is in the basement, we need to drill the floor to get the plumbing through. A small door allows us access to t he bottom of the aquarium. We need to install the returns and drains that bring the water up and down from the filter to the tank. There are 4 holes drilled in the glass bottom of the tank. 2 holes for water going in and 2 for water going out....

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220 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation, Part II – Methuen, MA

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We’re back on the job. It is time to build the filter systems. We actually need 2 filters. A Reverse Osmosis and Deionization filter will purify the tap water. The sump filter system will clean the aquarium water. We’ll start with the RODI filter. This unit processes the tap water and removes ALL impurities. Multiple stages of filtration are required and each is important. The RODI filter sends the water through a high pressure membrane (Reverse Osmosis) and in this process some water is...

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New 220 Gallon Reef Aquarium Installation in Methuen, MA

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Tis the season…the Reefing Season that is. Now that the air is cool, we head inside and pay attention to our fish and reef tanks that are sometimes neglected during the summer months. This new 220 gallon reef aquarium installation has been on the back burner for a few months. Now that winter has come, the project is underway. The tank is mounted in a wall as a room divider or “peninsula” aquarium. 3 sides are exposed and viewable. One short sides is up against the wall. The top will be...

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200 Gallon Reef Aquarium Service – Dentist Office in Danvers, MA

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Saltwater Aquarium Service in Danvers Massachusetts – Dentist Office One of our many saltwater aquarium service accounts on the North Shore of MA – Dental office of Dr. Robert Feudo in Danvers. This is a stunning 200 gallon reef aquarium built completely into a wall in the waiting room. The addition to an aquarium in your home or office bring countless benefits. See our older post on this topic HERE. We Recently install Pacific Sun Triton S Lamps to replace the old and outdated...

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