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Imagine an Ocean installs 240 gallon aquarium in new science labs at Melrose High School

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At the end of the last school year, Imagine an Ocean was contacted by Melrose High School to remove and store their tank while work was being done in the classrooms.   After removing the water, live rock, and sand, Yorgos and Sean lifted the tank off of its stand and brought it back to our shop to be cleaned and stored.     It was also time for a new stand. Fortunately, we have an in-house carpenter who can build stands, canopies, and other pieces of aquarium...

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240 gallon freshwater tank in Ipswich, MA- Aquarium Installation by Imagine an Ocean

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This curious parrotfish is checking out his new digs.   The Imagine an Ocean installation team recently delivered a six foot long 240 gallon aquarium  to the second floor of a beautiful Ipswich, MA home.  Our experience and ability make us the people to trust when moving hundreds of pounds of glass or acrylic in your home.                         This stand and canopy were custom stained at our customer’s request. This tank...

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Multi-story saltwater reef aquarium installation

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    These two empty tanks may look like they’re being stored safely in someone’s basement, but they have been placed deliberately and will soon be full of cycling saltwater.       The more water a system has, the more stable it is. Minor changes in pollution or nitrate levels will have a smaller net effect in a large environment.                       This is the display tank for this reef aquarium. We would...

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Fishinformation vol: 3 The Emperor Angelfish

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  Look at this fish…     …Now look at this one: What do these two have in common?     If you answered “they’re both beautiful”, you’d be accurate. If you answered “”they’re both beautiful tropical reef fish”, you’d be more accurate. If you answered “They’re both angelfish”, you know your fish and I tip my cap. The real answer is that these two eye-catching fish are both members of the same species, the Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus...

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