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180 gal Aquarium makeover and maintenance: Part 2

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When we last wrote about this tank, the plumbing was a dangerous assortment of dangling extension cords and power strips. Imagine an Ocean was hired to redesign and organize the plumbing and electricity for this aquarium.                 After Sean cleaned the sump, we added a drop-box to it in order to maximize the efficiency of our filtration system and water...

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180 gal Aquarium makeover and maintenance: Part 1

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Imagine an Ocean was recently hired to organize and update a large 180+ gallon reef system. There is a gorgeous tank upstairs with pumps, filtration, and RODI water being kept in the basement.     When we arrived,there was an unsafe collection of wires and power strips hanging precariously over and around large volumes of water. Even if a short circuit or electric fire never occurs, simple or emergency maintenance and tank shut-off becomes much more difficult with so many cords,...

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Replacing a T5 with a Metis Hyperion S 3x145w LED fixture in Milton, MA

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Imagine an Ocean just had the opportunity to to install a Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion S 3 x 145W lamp over a 210 gallon saltwater tank in Milton, MA.     This tank had been lit with 72” T5 blue and white lamps.  While the T5 is more energy efficient than metal halides, the bulbs need to be replaced annually and this reefkeeper was ready to upgrade to LEDs.     Pacific Sun makes the best LEDs on the market. The Hyperion S features 8 completely programmable color...

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