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4 traits of businesses with outstanding customer service

Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in aquarium service ma, commercial, Community, customer service, General Information, Pond Service, Small Business | 0 comments

A Massachusetts aquarium service provider shares its observations on common traits and best practices.   In any competitive industry, the success of a business is determined by how competently and professionally it serves its customers. Even in a knowledge-intensive field like aquarium installation, success will only come to those companies for whom customer service is the top priority. While variations exist between industries and individual businesses, here are several common traits...

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Freshwater aquarium care in Stoughton, MA: Filter replacement.

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in aquarium installation ma, aquarium service ma, Equipment, Filtration, freshwater, Installation | 0 comments

We were recently called to replace the filter in a freshwater cichlid breeding tank in Stoughton, MA. This filter was the “hang-on” type that relied on pads and sponges as media to filter debris and pollutants from the water. When we arrived at the house, the filter was very dirty and the tank’s owner wanted a new one. We decided to do away with the hanging filter.   Instead, we installed this much more efficient pump and filtration system underneath the...

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Adding some color; saltwater fish move into 240gl tank on custom stained stand MA

Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in aquarium installation ma, aquarium service ma, Featured, Hyperion SMT, Live, Pacific Sun LED | 0 comments

When we last checked in on this tank, Yorgos has just added a some green chromis and a mated pair of clownfish.  Since then, we’ve slowly introduced more saltwater fish into this young tank.   Today we added a school of Bartlett’s anthias. These favorite of Yorgos are a beautiful addition to any tank large enough to support them. It’s important to add the anthias early on in the lifespan of a reef before larger fish have a chance to mark their territory.   In this picture we can...

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Why professionally sourced livestock is the best option for home aquariums

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in aquarium service ma, coral acclimation, fish acclimation, General Information, invertabrate acclimation, Live, livestock acclimation, pH | 0 comments

    These days, the home aquarist has unprecedented access to everything aquarium-related from lights and salt to fish and corals. While it’s easy to find good deals online, there is a huge difference between purchasing a protein skimmer and ordering a new seahorse through the mail. Due to the delicate nature of many species, as well as the sight-unseen, buyer-beware nature of online shopping, proper care and acclimation of new arrivals is crucial in maintaining the life and health...

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125gal freshwater tank installation for Hebrew Rehab Center MA

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Imagine an Ocean had the recent privilege of installing our fourth tank at the Hebrew Rehab Center in Roslindale, MA. These tanks have been greeted with enthusiasm by the residents who love having a  little oasis of motion, color, and life in their halls and lobbies. Sean and Yorgos are constantly peppered with questions about the individual fish as the community engages Imagine an Ocean and each other around the care of growth of these scaled and shiny residents.    This is...

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