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Sweet Pictures, Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion R2– Boston, MA

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  all pictures from reef with pacific sun LED lighting lamp shown is Metis Hyperion R2 2 x 150w with 10 colors and 8 channels of...

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Essex, MA Pond;This Old House Update

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Back to Essex, MA to check up on the TOH pond. More plants have been added and the vegetation is growing in well. The waterfall runs on a 12 hour on/off cycle. It not only provides a great visual effect and soothing sound, but oxygenates and aids in clearing the water as well. Lilies and floating plants in the foreground, tall reeds and bog plants as a backdrop. Plenty of direct sunlight for the majority of the day in this clearing. But, these plants don’t need to worry about drying...

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Beautiful Essex, MA pond revisited – A year after “This Old House”

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            After removing the leaves and debris we added rubber insulation to keep the water contained within the system. With the path cleaned and ready we began circulating water through the pump and filtration...

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240gal tank tank on custom stained stand part 4 – Fish acclimation

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Twin deep dimension tanks in Essex, MA

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If you would like information about large fishtank installation, maintenance, or moving in Massachusetts call Imagine an Ocean today for a consultation. 1-978-884-0187. As always, thanks for reading!

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