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Who was that cleaner shrimp looking at? 90gl Tank, 5 Month Old Peabody, MA continued…

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  On Tuesday, we had just introduced a cleanup crew into this 5 month old, 90gl reef tank. We also asked whether anyone knew what he was looking at. Were your guesses correct?    This cleaner shrimp is looking down on a purple firefish swimming past an elegance coral. Below is a close up of these gorgeous animals.   Elegance coral really takes well to quality lighting and this one is no exception. It’s a magnificent specimen.   This picture has a little bit of...

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Introducing a cleanup crew to a 5mo old 90gl reef tank – Peabody, MA

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Cleanup crews, generally comprised of snails, crabs, and other invertebrates, play an important role in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. The help keep the water, rock, sand, and glass clean by eating the algae and waste that is in your tank.  Not only are they vital to the success of your tank, but they’re really interesting and fun to watch. Today we introduced a cleanup crew to a 5 moth old 90 gal reef tank. The cleanup crew can be seen in the top of the tank, acclimating to...

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Maintenance and Water Change on a 300 Gallon New Reef Tank – Salem, MA

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This new saltwater aquarium is in Salem, MA. We provide maintenance for it weekly and perform many important services at this time. We test the water, clean the glass inside and out, clean all filter components and inspect all the pumps, plumbing, top off and many other areas. 50 gallon water changes are done to remove waste and replenish important elements and salts. This is no small task. Water is stored in 50 gallon barrels so we always have plenty on hand. Below are some pics of the...

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LED and T5 combine in Pacific Sun’s Pandora Hyperion

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Pandora Hyperion the most recent in the Pacific Sun lineup as it is the newest and only current product to offer the Hyperion 8 channel LED panels with T5 fluorescents in one modern, sleek and powerful lighting fixture. Pandora Hyperion incorporates fully controllable T5 fluorescent technology into this series in combination with their powerful, 150W 8ch LED panels offering 10 LED chips including CREE XM-L (capable of up to 10 watts of power). Pandora Hyperion comes in two sizes, 49” and...

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Early stage 55gl at Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

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The first post of many. Watch a young system come to life and grow. We recently installed a 55gl saltwater tank at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce. The tank is still in its infant stages but already provides employees and guests with an ever-changing view of life “on the reef.” This 55gl tank rests on with a stained solid wood stand and is lit by T5 fluorescent lamps. We’re going to be introducing more species so stay tuned see who moves in next. The first residents are a pair of...

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