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Pacific Sun Lamp – Bluetooth Connection and Lamps Startup

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1. Download/Install All Prerequisites for Software and most recent firmware found here: Software can also be found on the CD included in box with your lamp. 2. Connect power supplies and cords to Lamp, secure and plug into wall outlets/power strip. Lamp will turn on. Flip toggle switch “UP” to turn on backlit display screen on lamp. 3. Windows- in Bluetooth device manager, click add device,...

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Pacific Sun Spider Mount Type II for Metis CRP, XM, Hyperion

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Nice pics of the new Spider Mount Type II On-Tank brackets for all Metis lamps from Pacific Sun.   See our website for more details and orders.   ...

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Metis Hyperion 8ch R2 8.1 Software Screen Shots

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300 Gal Reef w/ Pacific Sun Black Python XM 140W

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This is a 8’, 300 Gal Reef w/ 4 x Black Python XM 140W. Tank was originally installed with Ice Cap Metal Halide lighting. It went through a few transitions before finally switching to the new Black Python modular lamps. We are running (1) Black Python XM Master unit (control) and (3) Slave units. Each lamps easily covers 24” of tank length and the 30” of depth. Tank is 25” deep and all corals in the sand receive plenty of light. Happy to say, since the switch there has been a major...

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Pacific Sun Products-Quick Reference Guide

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please see for more info or call 978 884...

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