Posts made in November, 2011

Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion Update

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Update for the Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion Reef LED Lamp- Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion is now shipping to the USA. These are all R2 models with the most power, control, coverage and highest build quality of an Reef LED Lighting System. All Lamps equipped with the full 8 channel, completely wireless control that only Pacific Sun offers.   Hyperion Panels include the following: – 6 x CREE XML Cool White and Neutral White – 5 x UVA 420nm and 400nm – 1 x CREE XPE Red – 1...

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This week’s Animal Facts- Bicolor Angelfish, Memorial School Marine Aquarium Project

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Pacific Sun Helios 250W/400W – dimmable HQI lamp

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Take a look at this! The newest product from Pacific Sun….Helios 250W/400W lamp. Same high quality design, engineering and build as all the other Pacific Sun products, but this time its an HQI! It boasts stainless steel INOX (powder), and a huge symmetrical reflector made ​​of galvanized aluminum with reflectance above 95%. This is a pendant style lamp available in 3 ballast configurations. R1 Ballast is a standard electronic ballast. R2 Ballast allows for manual dimming control of the...

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Pacific Sun Software and Firmware Update Coming Soon

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  Pacific Sun will have a software and firmware update available in the next few days. Keep Up to date with the latest updates from Pacific Sun to get the most out of you lamp and for the ultimate in control. Update for the following lamps: Pacific Sun Black Python, 110W, 160W, 200W AE – with actual firmware 1.6x or later Pacific Sun Phobos / Deimos 110W/160W/200W – with actual firmware 1.6x or later Pacific Sun IO 78W/100W AE – with actual firmware 1.6x or later Pacific...

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