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Protein Skimmers and Foam Fractionators

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  Unlike mechanical filters, a protein skimmer or “foam fractionator” is a device which removes harmful organics and protein particles from the water column in an aquarium. These waste particles can accumulate from food and the day to day life processes of organisms in your tank. Over time these waste products can break down into potentially lethal amounts of ammonia and nitrite. A protein skimmer is an efficient way to remove these particles and ensure the overall health of...

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Simple, Beautiful Corals: Mushroom Anemones and Colonial Polyps

Posted by on Jul 13, 2011 in Coral, Inverts, Live | 0 comments

  A tropical saltwater aquarium can be one of the most interesting and beautiful additions to your home or office space. From fish, to invertebrates and corals, saltwater reef tanks are a great way to capture a piece of the tropical sea that can be enjoyed with family and friends alike. As any aquarium owner or hobbyist will soon find, maintaining a saltwater tank can be a challenging task. Though, the introduction of certain species can have a profound benefit on the overall health and...

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Refugiums for Saltwater Fish and Reef Aquariums

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  In nearly every type of saltwater aquarium, the use of a refugium can have many positive benefits towards the overall health of your tank. A refugium is part of your aquarium and filter system but is separated from the main aquarium. The purpose of a refugium is just what the name implies; it is a place for organisms to find refuge. Many species of algae and other microrganisms thrive in a properly designed refugium. The refugium provides vulnerable plants and animals safety from the...

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