Imagine an Ocean was recently hired to organize and update a large 180+ gallon reef system. There is a gorgeous tank upstairs with pumps, filtration, and RODI water being kept in the basement.




When we arrived,there was an unsafe collection of wires and power strips hanging precariously over and around large volumes of water. Even if a short circuit or electric fire never occurs, simple or emergency maintenance and tank shut-off becomes much more difficult with so many cords, plugs, and wires in close proximity.




fish tank cleaning MA

Sean always gets stuck with the dirty work!

Aquarium cleaning isn’t always fun.  Fish tank maintenance can mean emptying and scrubbing an old sump. We took the opportunity to do a deep clean while everything was broken down and disconnected. It’s part of what makes our aquarium maintenance and service the best in Massachusetts!





Aquarium maintenance and upgrades MA by Imagine an Ocean

This customer also wanted to upgrade his lighting from T5 and metal halides to the Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion S. His tank is already healthy and beautiful so under the new lights it should really thrive.



Aquarium maintenance MA This was a huge project complete with aquarium maintenance, system design, and installation. We’ll provide progress updates in our next entry. We think you’re going to really love the results.  Stay safe and we’ll see you soon!