We’ve already posted two entries about the makeover and system redesign on this 180 gallon aquarium. You can read them here  and here.

Notice that empty refugium in the”after” pic? It’s not empty anymore…


large aquarium design and installation MA by Imagine an Ocean

The refugium keeps nitrate levels down by providing a safe haven for chaeto algae and by simply increasing water volume.

We were able to get this light from the customer’s reef tank upstairs.




Pacific Sun USA by Imagine an Ocean

This tank looks great already but this reef keeper was ready for to upgrade his lighting. His sps coral should thrive under his new Pacific Sun Hyperion S 4x 145W LED aquarium light.



Pacific Sun Installation MA

Sean puts the finishing touches on the aquarium lighting installation. The Hyperion S has 8 independently programmable light channels aligned in a cluster array to reduce the disco ball effect of many LEDs.




Aquarium installation MA

For their S series lamps, Pacific Sun decided to remove the white LED diodes which are unnecessary for achieving full spectrum light output (and can be harmful and “bleach” coral if used improperly).



Aquarium Design MA Imagine an Ocean

The moonlight cycle has begun as the reef begins to settle in for the night. We love the new LEDs and the new control panel and plumbing setup downstairs. This aquarium is now safer, better-looking, and easier to maintain. With the new refugium, the reef and fish themselves will be healthier and happier. If you maintain your own tank but would like a consultation or some help with a system overhaul or redesign call Boston’s best for aquarium service and maintenance, Imagine an Ocean, today at 978-884-0187.


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