180 gal Aquarium makeover and maintenance: Part 2

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Aquarium maintenance MA

When we last wrote about this tank, the plumbing was a dangerous assortment of dangling extension cords and power strips. Imagine an Ocean was hired to redesign and organize the plumbing and electricity for this aquarium.










After Sean cleaned the sump, we added a drop-box to it in order to maximize the efficiency of our filtration system and water flow.





























The next thing we did was to mount this piece of plywood onto the basement wall. As anyone in the aquarium service industry will tell you, this step makes organizing all of our wires, power strips, and filters a whole lot easier.  It also keeps the electricity off of the ground and safe form water in the event of a leak or flood.






After mounting a biomedia reactor we zip-tied the hoses to the plywood in order to prevent kinking or other wear.  This also to keeps the area neat and reduces the likelihood of a leak.






By now we have securely fastened the GFO/Carbon reactor, the RODI filter, commercial grade power strips with individually switched outlets, hoses, and an automatic top-off unit.



Aquarium design MA

This user-friendly aquarium system was built and designed by Imagine an Ocean.

The individually switched outlets come in handy because they allow for hands-free instant water changes. By activating and deactivating certain pumps this reef keeper  can drain his tank, add pre-mixed, RODI water, and have the ATO unit automatically refill his supply of water. The two giant holding tubs give this aquarist 90 gallons of premixed, pure RODI water. This makes water changes a snap and can potentially save his tank in the event of toxic shock or another emergency.



Aquarium Design MA

Our system is full and the water is running! We’ll update you next week with a look at the tank itself and the new Pacific Sun we installed over it. It’s a gorgeous aquarium that will be much easier to clean and maintain. Until then, happy reef keeping!